Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Subluxation Disorder

Functional disability of the spine can be caused by the misalignment of the vertebral column with the discs in the spine. The condition can occur due to slip and fall, accidents, or the physical impact from external objects. The other causes could be addictive substances, stress, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. The first symptoms you can observe are numbness in the shoulders, arms, and neck regions. There could also be a functional disorder of the joints in these sections. In some cases, there could be swelling on the joints.

Vein Obstructions

The spinal veins connect with the brain and different parts of the body from neck to the feet. They form the largest numbers in the lumbar section of the body. They supply blood to the spine, Para-spinal muscles, lower back, neck, and the brain.

In addition to the lumbar, the cervical section of the spinal column plays an important role in the movement and rotation of the spine. The thoracic section acts a flexible section for supporting the free movement of the other two sections.

The discs are plate-like structures located along the vertical sections of the spine. They keep rotating when the spine moves. Misalignment of the discs with spinal column can severely affect the flow of blood through the spinal veins. Blocks are created at different locations in the veins. Blood flow may reduce considerably, depending on the intensity of misalignment.

Numbness in Muscles

Since there is no flowing blood, it can lead to muscular and joint numbness. It can affect the free movement of all the muscles along the spine. They include Para-spinal muscles to a great extent. The impact can be on the shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, hip, and abdomen. The effects of numbness may start from the outer layers and spread to the interior layers.

Chiropractic for Numbness

 The first task of chiropractor is to adjust the alignment of discs with the spinal column. He may use the equipment like string loaded activator or the chiropractic table to make the necessary adjustments. The process could be slow because it has to be painless. The duration of treatment may vary, depending on the intensity of misalignment.

Once the alignment of the discs with the spinal cord becomes normal, the flow of blood gets restored. The patient feels relief from the pain and swellings reduce considerably. It may take a few more days before the swellings go away completely. The patient can resume his normal everyday life. However, he has to avoid lifting or deadweights, stretching the spine too much, or sleeping too long on the back. He may have to use soft support for the spine while sitting in a vertically straight posture. He may have to reduce or avoid riding of motorcycles and other two-wheelers until the pain goes away completely.

Chiropractic for Paralysis   

Numbness in the muscles can often lead to paralysis when ignored for a long time. So, the chiropractor may use tools for massages like the lumbar roll, spine adjustments, and disc adjustments. I will be back with more on your medical equipment in my next blog posts.

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