My Healing Experience with One Great Chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC

Physical pain can often be the cause of anxiety, stress, and other psychological disorders. It is a common practice to consume pain killers or other OTC (Over the Counter) medicines to get immediate relief. Soon the pain could reach the acute stage. It could drive many patients to the brink of substance abuse and addiction.  However, the symptoms continue to grow and reach the chronic condition. Only then the patient may start searching for long-term solutions to heal the pain. I have gone through this cycle of temporal remedies before I met one great chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC.

The Beginning

I am a professional athlete from Chapel Hill. I played basketball when I was in the North Carolina University. My fitness level had been excellent until I met with an accident a few years ago. The doctors diagnosed it to be damaging to the spinal nerves and Para-spinal muscles. They predicted the recovery time to be of three years, of course resting at home. I was too scared of the future.

one great chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC

The Search

After coming out of hospital I started searching for a reliable recovery method. I had to do it fast because getting back to the track was the way to ensure survival. I met many specialists in orthopedics, physiotherapy, and others. I got lots of prescriptions for medicines, shots (injections), massages, and therapies. Sometimes I felt like I have recovered, but fell flat whenever I tried to jog or even walk. So, my search for a better solution continued.

Meeting with Chiropractor

One fine day I got a call from a friend who told me about one great chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC. I was so hopeless that I was ready to try anything. But I was still skeptic about the non-conventional method of healing. So, I started researching chiropractic methods and healing. It didn’t long to convince me about the positive impact, since I read hundreds of testimonials about one great chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC.

The healing methods he explained were very impressive. I requested him to start my treatments on the same day.

Chiropractic Healing Impacts

Chiropractic healing relieved the pain from my spinal nerves and Para-spinal muscles. The initial progress was, of course, gradual, but I could feel the effects within this time. The chiropractors used several combinations of therapy, treatment, massages, and healing procedures. My physical and psychological conditions started improving slowly but surely.

The progress was much better than the other methods I had tried and failed. I was back to my walking and jogging routines within the first few weeks. It took only six months for me to get back to my training sessions. I was back on track and field events after exactly one year and four months.

Why Chiropractic?

 I have no idea about the technical and medical details of chiropractic. But I can surely tell you about one great chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, which the best thing to happen to me and my career as a professional athlete.

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