Physiotherapy Equipment for Muscle Treatments


The physiotherapy table is basic equipment for treating muscle cramps, pain and weakness problems. Design of the table can shift your patient from the horizontal to the vertical position with no hassles at all. It has all the levers, rotating wheels, and adjusting fixtures. Prominent features are back-rest, face-hole, multi-layered cushioning, height adjustment wheels, etc.

Similarly, you can find couches, muscle stimulators, inferential therapy units, finger probe, scanners, etc. You will need all the equipment sets for your [physiotherapy center. There are many applications of the equipment from the neck pain healing to the legs and toes. Today, we take a brief overview of the muscle treatment equipment

Therapy Table

There are many types of physiotherapy tables for muscle treatments. The key parts are foot-switch, fold-down, vertical lift, horizontal shift, and side brackets with adjustable belts. Your patient can lie down flat on the table by resting his head on the head-rest you can stretch the table length according to the patient’s height. Adjust the vertical elevation, until the patient’s different muscles from the neck to the legs are accessible to you comfortably.

Muscle Simulator

 The digital muscle simulator can connect to the sensory and motor neurons within the muscle without having to inject by external connection. The waves from the equipment can heal pain, burn fat, and take out all the toxic elements from the muscle fibers.

Micro circulation

The circulation parts in the peripheral areas of the muscles have extremely small veins called the micro-veins. They keep the muscles agile and active. Aging and injuries can slow down the speed of circulation considerably. It is the reason for which you may feel numbness in the muscles. Such symptoms are common in the thigh, legs, biceps and triceps, lower back, and Para-spinal muscles.

The digital simulator can increase the volume and speed of circulation in the micro units. The treatment can also relax the muscle fibers and allow them to grow and expand naturally. You have to follow up the treatment with light workouts of all the muscles which I have listed above.

Muscle Traction

Muscle traction equipment can reduce the physical stress within the muscle fibers and layers of cells. The de-compression process starts from spinal cord base and spreads to all the muscles within the skeletal sections. Generally, you can connect it to the lower back, upper back, and the base of neck.

Disc Strengthening

 Many of the muscle problems are connected to the discs on spine. Traction can remove the stress and strengthen discs. It can also strengthen the nerves located around the discs.

Spine Joint Strengthening

Aging and stress can make the spine joints highly sensitive to pain. Traction can reduce the sensitivity to the normal levels. Hence, the endurance factors increase considerably.

Muscle Flexibility

Traction can make your muscles more flexible and resilient. Hence, the probability of injuries decreases significantly. You can flex your muscles during athletics training.


I have discussed three of the physiotherapy equipment for muscle treatment. I will introduce you to the other medical equipment in the next session.

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