Exercise Bike for Fitness Improvement after Lower Back Therapy

Recovering from lower back therapy is often a painful and time taking process. You have to ensure almost zero loads on your spine. You need to avoid lifting weights, change your posture, eat a balanced diet, and make many changes to your lifestyle. They can leave your body with minimum energy levels and more fatigue. I have experienced the effects personally. I had a slip-disc which left me confined to my home for nearly six months.

I underwent chiropractic treatments which solved the problem to a considerable extent. However, my chiropractor advised maximum rest and minimum stress. I was a freelancer and had no other sores of income other than my profession. So, I had to find a faster way to recover within a short time. 

Chiropractor’s Advice

My chiropractor advised bringing home an exercise bike, which can help in speeding up the recovery and healing time. In the beginning, I was apprehensive, because I was not sure how my back could endure the stress of cycling. However, he assured good results by introducing me to many of his patients who got good results from the bike.

Exercise Bike Comes Home

I ordered an exercise bike online and got it home within the next three days. It looked compact, beautiful and professional. All I could see were a handlebar, two supporting legs, a seat, and a display unit. The user manual helped me to learn the basics of how to work and use the control panel. Of course, there was also a manual adjusting system for customizing the seat and positioning parts.

My First Day with the Equipment

I started very cautiously with the bike workout program. The first thing I had to adjust was the resistance. It gives exercise to the leg, thigh, abs and feet muscles. My chiropractor also told me that it can improve the proper alignment of the discs on my lower back. My practical experience showed me that my cardiovascular system improved much better than before.

I could feel some tingling sensations in my lower back and the spine after the first day’s workout. I worked only for 15 minutes in the morning. I felt it was ok and I could manage the same routine every day.

Gradual Changes

I could observe gradual changes as I started working. There was a considerable improvement in my appetite. My wife told me I was eating more and consuming a lot of water. Of course, that was true. That was a great feeling for me. The back pain also started reducing slowly but surely.

Health Benefits

Surprising changes came in my health conditions. I started reducing my smoking from 10 in a day to 9, 8, 7 and 6. Today I still smoke, but hardly more than two in a day. I consume wine once in a week and stopped hard-drinks. My physique has improved considerably after 45 days of working out on the bike.


My friends have been using other medical equipment to overcome problems like a spinal misalignment, shoulder pain, obesity, etc. I will share about their experiences too in my next bogs.

Health Benefits of Using Electronic Elliptical Trainer

The key parts of an Electronic Elliptical Trainer (EET) are the foot pedals, flywheel, deck & rollers, and the console. All the parts work in coordination to increase the pressure on the upper and lower parts of your body. It is a fat burner from the hips, abdomen, butts, thighs, shoulders, neck, back, biceps and the triceps. Working on the machine can also improve the health and fitness levels of the spine and the connecting nerves.


As a chiropractor, I recommend the machine to weight loss, fat burning, calorie utilization, and attaining wholesome health.  You could be a male or female from the age of 18 to 70+. Your health may be normal or you may have a medical condition. You can use the device after consultation from your family physician.

Fat Burning

Fat burning happens only when the calories in the muscles are utilized for performing physical workout. The process may be gradual in the initial stage. But it can accelerate after reaching a threshold stage. You may have to join a professional gym or take the help of an experienced trainer at home.

The device can help you to burn the fat evenly from the neck to the thighs and legs. I can assure you, there will be no uneven lumps of muscles which can make you look awkward. The only parameter is that you have to balance your diet and lifestyle in the right way.

Weight Loss

The adipose cells within the muscles and internal organs open up with the increase in exercises intensity. Fat gets extracted from them and mix with the bloodstream. Here, they get converted into something called the fatty acids. Your dietician may tell you about tens of fatty acids like unsaturated, saturated, poly saturated, mono saturated etc. I suggest you don’t worry about all that medical terminology. You just have to keep working the EET and maintain your diet plan.

You have to combine the EET with brisk walking, jogging, and weight training. It is the suggested way for developing slim body and lean muscles.                 Or you may depend only on the EET for shaping your body and leaning you muscles. It may take relatively more time. But assure you can get the slim shape within a short span of time.

EET as Therapy

It would be wise on my part to say that EET is also an efficient Chiropractic device. It is useful for stretching the muscles and joints in the upper and lower parts of your body. It can relax and heal the accumulated stress.

Prolonged exercise with the EET can reduce most of the critical and chronic forms of pain in the spine. So, the connected Central Nervous System can also get healed during the process. You have to be slow and consistent in doing the exercises.

I have seen many of patients with orthopedic and neuromuscular problems trying to overwork on the EET. I always suggest them to go slowly but continuously. Most of them have got healed within their expected time. I shall post more interesting and proven methods of working with the other health related to electronic use devices.

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